‘Get rid of dark eye circles’ in less than 3 minutes with Trinny’s tip


“So [for the] eyes [I’m going to use a] beautiful shade of dark rose gold,” she explained this is a really complimentary colour “when you have a cool brown eye and black hair, and a caramel skin tone”.

Trinny tapped the eye shadow onto Charlene’s eyelid and blended it out – “nothing too messy, [we’re] not trying to do a smokey eye”.

“Then I’m going to take Sherin, this is a lovely lip-to-cheek shade, very good for caramel skin tones and brown eyes,” she added.

“I’m going to place it in the centre of your cheek where your nose and pupil meet, and I’m going to blend that colour outwards, and put a tiny bit on your lip too.

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