Joanna Simpson’s family must be heard and her killer must remain locked up


Keep killer in

CARRIE Johnson’s successful battle to keep rapist John Worboys locked up was brave and hugely admirable.

Boris’s wife was drugged by the predator cabbie as a teenager in 2007.

Joanna Simpson's terrified family must be heard - and her killer must remain locked up


Joanna Simpson’s terrified family must be heard – and her killer must remain locked upCredit: Dan Charity

And she was horrified to discover he was being paroled in 2018.

We backed her then and do so again today as she campaigns to prevent wife-killer Robert Brown being let loose.

Domestic abuser Brown got away with a manslaughter conviction in 2011 despite bludgeoning Joanna Simpson with a claw hammer — and is due to go free this year after half his sentence.

Justice failed Joanna just as it so nearly failed the victims of Worboys.

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Now, though, a new law allows Justice Secretary Dominic Raab to send high-risk prisoners to a parole review instead of them being automatically released.

He must reread the harrowing trial details, listen to Joanna’s terrified family, and do just that.

Float it now

THE strongest deterrent for illegal migrants arriving in small boats would be a bigger boat sailing them straight back to France courtesy of Border Force.

Traffickers would fast run out of ­clients for that pointless round trip.

France's President Macron must take migrants back


France’s President Macron must take migrants backCredit: Rex

But it will require President Macron to take migrants back.

Perhaps Rishi Sunak’s popularity with him and other EU leaders, and the Brexit deal they have now struck, will unlock new co-operation.

But the PM is right to unveil his small boats law anyway before the UK-France summit this month.

If Macron won’t help, we will at least have a law ensuring NO illegal arrival ever gets to stay: That’s a decent deterrent once enacted.

We just hope Rishi is braced for the hysteria from the human-rights mob in Parliament and the courts.

Windsor win

WE understand the hesitation of the DUP and Tory ERG over the Windsor deal. But what is the alternative?

It isn’t perfect.

Rishi Sunak and Ursula von de Leyen shake hands after agreeing the Windsor deal


Rishi Sunak and Ursula von de Leyen shake hands after agreeing the Windsor dealCredit: SIMON WALKER/No10/UNPIXS

But the claims by hard-liners that it is a surrender to the EU, a “Brexit in name only”, are absurd.

Boris Johnson’s necessarily rushed Protocol, and its zealous application by Brussels, caused nightmarish practical problems this new agreement solves.

It cements Northern Ireland’s place in the union, almost entirely ends the economic divide between the province and mainland and, most crucially, keeps the border with Ireland open.

There is no superior solution which does that.

Nor will more stone-walling force the EU to agree to one if it existed.

It is true that it took the threat of Boris’s Protocol Bill to force Brussels back into negotiations.

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But what they agreed looks like a win to us.

Brexiteers and unionists should take it.

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