Labour Party is too engrossed in political games to back a policy that works


Labour farce

LABOUR is now so engrossed in its feeble political parlour games it has lost sight of what matters: Whether a policy works.

The scrapping of the limit on pension savings is designed primarily to solve an NHS staffing crisis.

Keir Starmers Labour has conceded that Jeremy Hunt's new NHS policies will save lives and cut hospital waiting lists


Keir Starmers Labour has conceded that Jeremy Hunt’s new NHS policies will save lives and cut hospital waiting listsCredit: AFP

It’s an attempt to stop vital hospital consultants retiring early and lure back those who have.

Doctors’ union the BMA, not a natural Tory ally, says it began working as soon as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced it.

NHS Providers welcomed it too.

Labour’s shadow health secretary Wes Streeting conceded it would cut waiting lists and “save lives”.

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Then he discovered his party denouncing this life-saving measure as a “Tory tax cut for the rich”.

Keir Starmer’s rabble hastily insisted they DID back this tax break — but for doctors only.

Now, it’s bad enough that judges already have a special exemption.

If doctors did too, why not ­dentists?

Or medical scientists? Or vets? Or any respected profession?

Would a Labour Government pick jobs it likes and discriminate against the rest?

Will they dish out special pension tax deals to human rights lawyers or Guardian executives?

Britain has a vast glut of vacancies, and veteran professionals retiring early from many walks of life because it’s not worth saving any more into a pension.

Why not end these un-Conservative and arbitrary limits, for all, and lure them back?

Brit brickies

BREXIT was not about pulling up the drawbridge, whatever demented Remoaners say.

It was about controlling the flow of migrants to suit our economy — impossible with the EU’s free movement.

It is hard to argue control has yet been achieved, with net immigration soaring to 504,000 and small boats depositing tens of thousands illegally on our shores.

But Jeremy Hunt is not wrong, or defying Brexit, to allow more visas for foreign brickies, roofers and plasterers to shore up a construction industry crippled by staff shortages.

We shouldn’t need them.

But for decades we have trained far too few school leavers for well-paid, skilled jobs in those trades, sending them to university instead for often third-rate degrees.

The Sun said Brexit would have teething troubles.

This is one we must rapidly sort.

Bar Bellfield

HAMMER murderer Levi Bellfield is a monster who deserves only to die alone in jail.

It is not enough that he will never be freed.

He should enjoy neither comfort nor hope.

He certainly should be banned from marrying, as the Government says.

Incredibly, the law seems on his side and, sickeningly, taxpayers are having to fund his claim via Legal Aid.

This cannot stand.

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The Tories must change the marriage law to bar whole-lifers.

If the ECHR still sides with the murderers, ignore it or leave it.

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