Ontario’s runaway llamas have distinct voices, according to Alan Tudyk


Alan Tudyk said he was “glued” to the story of three llamas that escaped a farm in Ontario — so much so that he wanted to give them a voice.

In an interview with CTV’s Your Morning on Monday, Tudyk took the time to give impressions of the llamas and their thoughts while they evaded authorities.

“Help me,” Tudyk said in the voice of Llewis, one of the missing llamas. “Or maybe he’s more desperate … ‘Help me! For criminy!'”

The Emmy award winner is famous for voicing characters like Iago the scarlet macaw in Disney’s “Aladdin” and Hei Hei the chicken from “Moana.”

Last week three llamas escaped from a farm in The Blue Mountains, just outside of Barrie, Ont. Two of the llamas, Lluka and Todd, were found over the weekend, while Llewis was found until Monday morningng.

In a voice similar to the character King Candy from “Wreck-It-Ralph,” Tudyk said Llewis could be saying, “Well, I’m lost … where are the others?”

Tudyk has starred in both animated and live-action movies over his career. He told CTV’s Your Morning that both movie types are different to act and work for.

“On screen is very difficult,” Tudyk said. “It’s very time-consuming.”

In his latest role as Valentino, a goat, in the upcoming Disney movie “Wish,” Tudyk said he recorded the voice from Vancouver, London and Los Angeles.

“It’s easy to do voiceover. It’s rewarding because it’s an interesting back and forth with the animators as far as the creative process,” he said. “But I think on camera shapes your life in a particular way that you can’t anticipate and it has unexpected rewards.”

Click the video at the top of this article to hear Tudyk’s full impression of Llewis the llama.  

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