Stop roses becoming ‘unattractive’ and get bigger blooms by pruning in February


How to prune hybrid tea and grandiflora roses

The key to pruning roses is to cut back all the diseased, damaged or dead canes and cut them back to their origin

Dan said: “A good rose bush should have four to eight strong, healthy canes the diameter of your finger or larger after this first step.” 

Next, cut back any remaining canes to about 18 to 24 inches from the ground. 

Dan wrote: “When you prune back a cane, make the cut about one-quarter inch above a dormant bud or newly sprouted side shoot. Try to cut back to buds that face outward, away from the centre of the bush.” 

This is done to allow more airflow and the new stem of the rose bush will grow outwards, meaning it has more access to sunlight. 

Dan added: “This may seem picky, but this really does make a difference.” 

Pruning other roses 

Other types of roses such as old garden roses, landscape roses, floribunda roses or polyantha roses only need to be lightly pruned unless they are overgrowing. 

Dan wrote: “If you need to control the size, first cut back especially tall, vigorous canes to about half the height of the rest of the bush. 

“Then cut back or trim less vigorous growth to shape and reduce the overall size of the plant.”

No matter the type of rose, it is always important to cut back on dead, damaged or diseased branches for the plant to thrive. 

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