Sun readers raising £1.5m for quake appeal shows the UK’s a generous nation


Kind hearts

YOU already had our gratitude — now you have the Royal seal of approval too.

The Sun has never been surprised by our readers’ generosity towards those in genuine need.

The Sun was overwhelmed how fast readers helped raise £1.5million for our fund to help victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquake


The Sun was overwhelmed how fast readers helped raise £1.5million for our fund to help victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquakeCredit: Getty

But even we were overwhelmed how fast you helped raise £1.5million for our fund to help victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquake.

And your kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed at the Palace.

William and Kate called our quake appeal “fantastic” as they met six-year-old fundraiser Jess Jordan in West London.

“Well done you,” Wills told her.

Wills and Kate thank volunteers who raised thousands for earthquake relief
Woman found alive after 12 days buried in ruins from Turkey earthquake

“We’d like to thank every Sun reader who’s donated to this important cause,” the couple said later. And so would we.

There are those who consider it “right-wing” and unkind of Britain to control its borders . . . and indeed of the nation to demand it.

How confusing for them to discover those same Brits have raised £121million in all for strangers left homeless and destitute by catastrophe in two countries they will probably never visit.

The indisputable truth is that ours is a profoundly generous, welcoming and warm-hearted nation.

Sun readers most of all.

Rail disaster

THE London to Birmingham rail line opened in 1838.

Nearly two centuries later we are half-bankrupting ourselves pointlessly building another . . . and failing.

The confirmation of The Sun’s revelations that HS2 is in meltdown is beyond depressing.

It will no longer initially even start at Euston, as the original does.

And its most economically urgent sections north of Birmingham and on to Manchester will be delayed, assuming they happen at all.

Ten years ago The Sun warned this was all a monstrous gamble.

It was.

Britain seems to have lost.

The public is aghast at the billions poured into a new railway in this era of superfast broadband, video conferencing and artificial intelligence.

If the original plan had been merely to trim the ­London-to-Brum travel time it would have been laughed out of the room.

The watching world must be agog at our failure to plan and build infrastructure fit for the 21st Century.

We invented rolling stock.

Now we’re a laughing stock.

Income attacks

OUR taxmen watch helplessly as mega-corporations like Amazon run rings around them.

But with the little guy they have no mercy.

You may be self-employed and earn under the £12,570 tax threshold.

But if you’re a day late sending your return, expect a £100 fine even if you don’t owe a penny.

Fashion fans are going wild for bargain M&S dress that's so 'flattering'
People are just realising what red stars on Home Bargains price tags mean

Almost 400,000 people have been similarly stung in just four years.

What a callous assault on the low-paid.

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