Supermarket staple removes ‘stubborn burnt-on grime’ from ovens, claims expert


Most people forget to regularly clean their appliances even though they’re used most days of the week.

Due to how often they’re used, ovens are prone to getting grimy, dirty and covered in food debris.

With this in mind, has spoken to two experts about how best to clean ovens so they sparkle and shine.

Rachael Kiss from Alliance Online, an online supplier of a range of cleaning products, suggested using a “good quality oven cleaner”.

She said: “Remove the oven racks and apply a good quality oven cleaner on the inside of your oven.

“The trick is to let it sit for as long as possible to extract the grime and grease.

“Once ready, scrub down the inside of the oven and rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any cleaning residue, and do the same process for the oven racks.

“To protect your hands, wear protective gloves and invest in a good quality scourer to ensure even the most stubborn burnt-on grime is removed from your oven.”

A plethora of oven-cleaning products are available from both supermarkets and online retailers.

Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner costs £4 from Sainsbury’s and Elbow Grease Oven Cleaning Kit costs £2.19 from Asda.

Cleaning experts from the green cleaning company Bio-D suggested more natural solutions – lemons and baking soda.

They said: “Using natural products such as lemon and baking soda are great options for cleaning your oven.

“Using products with strong chemicals can cause harmful fumes when heated up if residue is left.

“When cleaning your oven, avoid scourers made from abrasive materials, which can scratch the glass front.”

Bicarbonate of soda and lemons can be bought from most local supermarkets for under £1. Stockwell & Co. Bicarbonate Of Soda costs 65p from Tesco and lemons cost 30p each from Sainsbury’s.

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