Why is Govt still allowing diesel drivers to be ripped off as they fill up?


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WHY is the Government still allowing diesel drivers to be ripped off as they fill up?

Wholesale prices are at a 15-month low.

Freezing fuel duty won't make a difference to Britain's drivers, if petrol forecourts keep profiteering


Freezing fuel duty won’t make a difference to Britain’s drivers, if petrol forecourts keep profiteeringCredit: Getty

But retailers now pocket 19p a litre profit instead of 9p last year.

Freezing fuel duty, as the Chancellor did, makes no difference to White Van Man if forecourts carry on profiteering.

The RAC says if just one major retailer did the right thing and cut prices to justifiable levels, rivals would follow suit.

But that is exactly the effect the Government could bring about permanently with a new Pumpwatch regulator to monitor and publicise prices.

Drivers are furious at Tesco over big change at supermarket's fuel pumps
Fuel duty down & pensions up, Sun readers give verdict on Budget

Why did the Budget not mention it?

Out to Africa

FOR all the carping at the “unworkability” of the Rwanda migrants scheme, the ­African country has the capacity to take thousands who have landed here illegally.

But we suspect only a fraction of those places will be needed.

The concept of a deterrent confuses the Left.

But once small-boat migrants realise they are buying tickets to Rwanda, via Dover, they will go elsewhere.

Channel crossings will dry up.

Denmark and Germany are mulling such schemes too.

But Labour remains so opposed it has absurdly declared Rwanda a “failure” before it has begun.

Blinkered ideology increasingly over-rules solutions in Keir Starmer’s party.

France erupts

IMAGINE if the Tories suddenly raised the retirement age two years without a vote, defying parliament and triggering riots.

The Left would explode.

They would brand Rishi Sunak a fascist, hit him with paralysing lawsuits and public shamings in Parliament.

To Twitter’s halfwits he would be “worse than Hitler”.

But this is President Macron we are talking about — photogenic poster boy for the Remoaner delusion of the liberal, inclusive EU.

He gets a free pass.

As it happens, we agree with Macron.

Tragic though it is to imagine the French having to work beyond 62, the new 64 limit is still lower than most.

If their pension system’s going bust, well, c’est la vie.

Licence to kill

A RISE of 8.2 per cent in the BBC licence could be the last straw for a skint public.

That is the forecast hike in 2024 in line with inflation after a two-year freeze.

Millions are increasingly outraged at paying a mandatory tax on their TV in this modern era of multi-channel choice and subscription streaming.

Coca-Cola makes huge change to another iconic fizzy drink after Lilt
Shoppers love Matalan's new Spring range - but they all have same complaint

It is madness that this broadcaster is still funded using a model devised a century ago.

So is the idea that the BBC cannot get by on the £3.7billion currently extracted from us each year and gifted to it by the State

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